January 11

Why Discussing Politics & Social Issues Hurts So Much

Someone posted the question “What is the most important life lesson that you have learned up to this point?” on Quora, a question and answer website.  There were lots of good answers, but this one was most fitting to some of the crazy discussions on Facebook lately about politics and social issues.

I have learned that the really big questions, the multifaceted topics, homosexuality, god, “political truth” are worthy of thought and contemplation. They are even worthy of conversing over with sensible individuals, according to your assessment of them. However, debate of these topics with most people is like peeling your arm with a razor-blade; you can do it but it is going to hurt and it will not get you anyplace you ever wanted to go, unless you are a Sadi-masochist.

Craig Sebzda
Posted on Quora

Rather than actually discuss the issues, most people simply want to prove their point, and are willing to pull out any argument that supports their position, regardless of what evidence is presented otherwise. And then they resort to name calling when they are called out about it.

I saw one interaction where someone posted inaccurate & outdated information (and later apologized for it after doing more research), and was called a liar, a dupe and a troll.  What assholes.

And we wonder why the average person does not like talking about the issues.  We wonder why most people don’t participate  in politics.   We wonder why some many people don’t even bother voting.  You can’t even express your opinions without some asshole calling you names.

And, yes, I called them assholes.  They are assholes because of their lack of respect for people of differing opinion, not for their politics or opinions.

It’s sad, really.  And probably why this country is going downhill fast, and most of the population is getting screwed by the activist left and activist right.  The people in the middle who just want to be left alone get screwed.

Tejan Ausland

Tejan Ausland is an author and ghost writer, with years of experience in both creative and technical writing.

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Tejan Ausland is an author and ghost writer, with years of experience in both creative and technical writing.

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