Chris sits in his dark home office bathed in the glow of the dual computer screens in front of him, staring at a flashing cursor on the page.

He gets up and gets a soda from the mini-fridge in his office, and rearranges some of the empty soda cans on his desk to make room for the new one.

He looks around at the nice hardwood desk and office furniture his parents gave him, and thinks how odd such expensive looking furniture must look inside a double wide trailer home. It’s dark wood finish barely visible under the light of the large computer monitors.

He thinks of his life so far, and he is not pleased. So many regrets; so many lost opportunities. He can’t help to feel like a failure. Mostly because he is a failure.

He lost his tech job because he wasn’t buddies with the right people in middle management, and he got replaced by his new manager’s best friend. They were jealous he was rising so fast in the company and even went so far as to lie to get him fired. It was one of the only jobs he really loved too. Before that, he missed out on marrying a wonderful woman, who loved sex, was open minded, didn’t care if he slept with other women, and wound up being rich from her businesses. On top of all that, he even had $960,000 stolen by a supposed friend from a company he was trying to build. Well, $960,000 that he knows about. It was probably over $1 million. It bankrupted him, financially and emotionally. Now he doesn’t even answer the phone unless he recognizes the number. Too many debt collectors calling for money he doesn’t have.

His money gone and his confidence shot to hell, now he delivers pizza by day, and stares at the flashing cursor by night.

He thinks there has to be another way. He can’t live like this anymore.

So many injustices in the world, with the world itself seemly bent on a collision course. Even his own country is becoming tainted, with the upcoming election being a choice between a socialist or a fascist. Sure, they don’t call themselves that, but yet that is what they are. He knows his history, and knows that the last time socialists and fascists clashed, it resulted in a world war. Add in extremists and terrorists from all sides, and the future does not bode well for his country, or the world.

He realizes that one of two things will happen. Someone will rise up and save the world and help create a new order of love, respect and dignity, for all. Or the world will crash, and someone will have to start anew, perhaps creating a new society from the ashes.

But there is a problem. He sees no figure poised to do that. No figure standing up for peace and respect and love. Instead, all that is heard is war-mongering and hate and fear.

Sure, there are voices of love and reason, but they seem to be drowned out by the cries of the masses and the leaders crying for more blood, more pain and more hate. Divide and conquer is their favorite tactic.

Chris thinks, this is not what the world was meant to be.

He thinks of values like freedom, true freedom, where people can not only live the lives they want to live, but people respect their choices.

He thinks of love and intimacy and people caring for one another.

He thinks of sexual freedom, and people being able to practice whatever sex they want no matter how kinky, as long as it is consensual.

He thinks of community, where people take care of one another instead of take advantage of one another.

He thinks of human nature and instincts, and how to channel them in a way that makes people happy, and makes the world a better place at the same time.

He thinks, “Maybe I am the only one. The only one who cares enough. Maybe I am the only one with these ideals.”

Intellectually he knows that is false. He knows there are plenty of good people in the world who care and want a better world. But at least in this moment, it feels like he is the only one.

His life has no purpose. He is a failure in many ways. But maybe he can redeem himself.

So he decides to start writing.

He starts with the title: “The 500 Year Plan.”

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Written by Tejan Ausland
Tejan Ausland is an author and ghost writer, with years of experience in both creative and technical writing.