It’s 4 am. I cannot sleep. So I get up and stare at the flashing cursor.It blinks.


Waiting so patiently…

I have so much to say…

but for some reason, I cannot say it.

The cursor blinks some more, beckoning me forward, edging me on.

But I do not speak, I do not type…

I stare at the blinking cursor.



and I think of the projects I should be working on, the novels that I could be writing, the websites I could be building, the lives I could be changing….

and I think of the mistakes I have made in my life, the loves lost, the money not made, the missed opportunities, the pain and suffering I have endured, and the regrets, oh, the regrets.

It’s frustrating when you know you messed up, and you’re not sure where to go next.

And so the cursor blinks.

And I stare.

I stare at the endless possibilities of the flashing cursor.

It’s like staring into infinity.

And I think…

“What shall I create from these ashes? What will my legacy be?”

The cursor flashes at me as if to say “I do not know. I am but a blank slate to create on. The good, the bad, the serious, the funny, the normal, the weird, whatever you want to create. I am here, flashing for you.”

I sit quietly some more, in the dark, staring at the screen.

Staring at the cursor.

Lost in infinity.

Written by Tejan Ausland
Tejan Ausland is an author and ghost writer, with years of experience in both creative and technical writing.