Requirements to Be Met Before Having Sex

In Colonie Porticia, the leadership of the colony created a document defining proper sexual conduct that everyone in the colony is required to read and sign. Even though consensual sex and many fetishes are not taboo in their society, there still are some very strict rules.

Code of Sexual Conduct

All of the following criteria must be met before engaging in sexual activity with another person. Having only one or some of the criteria met is not sufficient. ALL criteria must be met before engaging in any sexual activity.

1. Physical Readiness

All participants in sexual activity, of any kind, must be physically ready for sex, meaning that they must have reached puberty and be sexually mature. This includes being healthy enough for sex, regardless of age.

This also means they are conscious and able to make decisions. Someone unconscious or too intoxicated to make decisions, regardless of age, is not physically ready for sex.

2. Mental Readiness

All participants in sexual activity, of any kind, must be mentally ready for sex, meaning they must desire sex on their own, without being pressured or coerced in any way.

For some this can come early, and others this can come much later. It should not be assumed that an individual who is physically ready for sex is also mentally ready for sex.

3. Legal Age of Consent

Since it can be difficult for courts to determine when an individual is physically and mentally ready for sex, a minimum age is set for sexual activities. All participants in sexual activity must be over the legal age of consent.

The purpose of the legal age of consent is to protect our young ones from making mistakes and being tricked or pressured into sex. It also provides the benefit to society that they stay in school longer and can be trained to be productive members of society. Early parenthood tends to get in the way of a person’s education, which usually leads to less job skills, making them less productive as workers and reduces their career options.

4. Disclosure of Intent

All participants in sexual activity, of any kind, should disclose their true intents and desires concerning sex, love and reproduction.

For example, if both parties are looking for a long term loving relationship, then there is a match, and likewise, if both parties are looking for casual sex, there is a match. Where the problem comes in is when there are different expectations, like when one wants casual sex and another wants marriage, or if one wants a baby and the other does not.

With the full disclosure of each other’s intent and desires, all parties can decide whether they want to continue or not.

5. Consent in the Moment

All participants in sexual activity, of any kind, should give consent in the moment. Simply desiring sex or being open to it is not enough. All parties must actually consent to the sex act itself in that moment.

If there is any coercion present, it is assumed that consent is not present. Someone being forced or coerced into doing something is not consent, even if they verbally indicate they consent.

6. Continued Consent

In addition to having consent of all parties before initiating sexual activity, consent must be maintained. Any participant can withdraw consent at any time, and all other participants are required to stop all activities not consented to immediately, whether sexual or not. For those who are passionate, or who enjoy role playing, having a safe word is recommended.

Penalties for Violations

If all of the criteria above (all of them) are not met, the act constitutes a violation under Colonie Porticia law and is punishable under the law.

Having sex with someone who is not ready or does not or cannot consent to sex is considered rape. Rape is a capital offense, with penalties up to and including death. The exact punishment is designed to fit the crime based on the unique aspects of the crime.

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Written by Tejan Ausland
Tejan Ausland is an author and ghost writer, with years of experience in both creative and technical writing.