Chris had gone to Fuddrucker’s by himself for lunch, to order a delicious burger. The Southwestern burger, with Monterrey Jack cheese and guacamole to be exact, topped with pico de gallo and all the trimmings.

As he is waiting for his burger, he decides to go to the soda fountain and get some Dr. Pepper.

As he arrives, he notices that there are two soda fountains next to each other. There is a girl filling up her drink with Pepsi. She is probably in her upper teens or first years of college. He patiently waits behind her silently, and respectfully, mostly looking at the memorabilia on the walls.

She notices him, and abruptly turns to him and barks, “Why are you standing there?” glaring at him like he was some kind of pervert.

A bit shocked, Chris replies “Um, I’m getting a Dr. Pepper.”

With attitude, she barks “Then why aren’t you using that one?” She motions to the soda fountain not in use.

Chris replies, “Because I want Dr. Pepper, and your fountain has Dr. Pepper, and that one does not.”

She freezes for a moment, looks at both soda fountains, and then walks away.

Chris quietly gets his drink, and ignores her, as if to prove to her that he never had any interest in her.

Chris gets his burger, wondering what her problem is.

He takes his first bite, and forgets all about her.

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Written by Tejan Ausland
Tejan Ausland is an author and ghost writer, with years of experience in both creative and technical writing.