About Tejan Ausland

Tejan Ausland is an author and ghost writer, with years of experience in both creative and technical writing.  He is a very private person, who until now, has chosen to hide in the shadows, letting other people shine in the light.

Author & Ghost Writer

The Ghost becomes alive. After years of ghost writing, the ghost writer finally becomes visible on social media. With years of experience, and a keen eye on quality content, readers keep coming back for more. Tejan’s content appears on a variety of websites throughout the world, often under various names. He is also working on publishing his own books and articles, which will be listed on this profile soon. While he cannot disclose his client list or ghostwriting works, the works that are published under his name shine through.

Community Conversation Starter

He also serves as an online conversation starter for many online websites, often posting under various usernames to blogs and forums, to ferment organic discussion. Without people to start the conversation, a conversation usually never begins, and without conversations, there is no community and loyal readership. Tejan helps build communities by engaging people in powerful and entertaining discussions.

Creative Works

In his creative works, he tries to address some of the injustices, contradictions, and taboos in society, by creating characters and scenarios where hard and sometimes highly controversial decisions have to be made, and imaging a world in which things are different, but not necessarily for the better. Characters with various perspectives fight to maintain what they think is right. You will root for some, and root against others, and have mixed emotions about some of them.

Many of the topics he covers are controversial and emotional, such as propaganda, government policies, double standards, sexuality, law & order, and more. Some of his more controversial works include cannibalism, taboo sex, and alternative lifestyles. (Works with mature content will be labeled as such.)

Some of his works are available on this website, and others will be made available in book form. Enjoy.

No Longer Anonymous

Having written for companies and under pen names for many years, it is time for the author to become known.  This blog is the first step towards writing books, articles and other media under Tejan’s own name.  While Tejan does enjoy his privacy, he is going to start posting under his own name.

Connect on Social Media

Be sure to connect with him on social media if you want to follow his posts or connect for a writing project.  He is still available for ghost writing, and non-ghost writing projects.